How to Make Aware of a Person his Bad Breath Without Offending

Everybody brushes their teeth and clean their mouth daily so that there is no bad breath during the day when you are at work or talking to somebody else.

However there are people who do not brush their teeth and clean their tongue. It could be due to their laziness, inability to do it or out of ignorance.

The primary cause of bad breath in most of the person is the food decay that happens when you are not brushing properly. The food particles in-between the teeth decays and emanates that bad smell.

Another reason for bad breath is smoking. But this is a short term cause. Infections in the mouth could also cause bad breath. Hence brushing your teeth is all the more important.

Infections in the respiratory tract, lung and throat infections are also the reasons for having bad breath. These cannot be prevented as you think and hence you have to approach the doctor to get them taken care of.

If you know that some of your friend or a colleague is having bad breath, it is difficult to tell them about it. It is embarrassing for the concerned person to know that they have bad breath and also unpleasant for others to tell them directly.

It is a sensitive issue to tell that they have halitosis (the medical term for bad breath). However it is important to break the news that they have bad breath in a polite way without embarrassing them.

One of the best ways is to inform a person who is close to them and let them inform it to them. People take the words of the close person without embarrassment and this helps to get it cleared.

However it is unpleasant to hear that you have bad breath from any person whether they are close or not.

It is not that they will take it in the positive sense. It is possible to get a verbal attack from them. You have to make sure that you are helping them with their problem and you have to tell that in a manner that they realise that you are helping them out of that problem.

You can also suggest some remedy for it. This would help them to find out other ways to rectify that problem.

There is another way to hint them that they have bad breath. You can go near them and tell that there is somebody who has taken garlic. This would help them to realize that they emanate some bad breath from them. This could be a gentler way of informing them.

It is easy to inform a person without facing them. One of such ways is to send an email to them with proper words chosen so that the message is delivered to them.

Don’t try to be humorous when you are sending an email, it might hurt their feelings. Be serious in an email. Online services that send anonymous emails are also there and you can avail these services for a small fee to send such emails.

Whatever be the way that you choose to inform them, let it be respectful and polite. You should think of yourself in their position. If possible help them with the available remedies for curing bad breath.



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