Got Bad Breath? Freshen Up Your Breath with the Help of Herbal Remedies

Bad breath is something that nobody wants to have. It is embarrassing to find out that you or any person who is near you is having a bad breath.

Moreover it is not easy to tell the person who is having bad breath that he is having it. Bad breath is not considered as a disease but it could indicate that there might be a disease in you.

Bacteria found in the mouth are the main reason behind that bad breath. These bacteria feed on the food particles that are stuck up between the teeth.

Flossing, brushing, using mouthwash, and scraping the back of the tongue are some of the activities that can be done to eliminate bad breath. You can use an inverted spoon to scrap the back of the tongue to remove the bacteria although you can’t remove all of them.

Bad breath from mouth is not only due to bad oral hygiene, it could be also due to other problems like gastro-intestinal problem, kidney or liver diseases. There are herbal remedies for bad breath. Kalium phosphate which is antiseptic in nature is used to reduce bad breath in a person.

Silicon dioxide is used in the treatment of bad breath by persons who are into homeopathic medicines. Fennel seeds that assist in digestion are used in treating bad breath. Milk Thistle aid in liver functions such as bile production and this is used in treating bad breath due to liver problems.

Consider the causes of bad breath while you consider the herbal remedies for bad breath. Oral hygiene and gum disease should be considered. Bacteria in the mouth and the digestive tract could be the cause of bad breath. Sinus infections could cause bacterial at the back of the mouth near the throat and this might also causes bad breath.

Some people might be using antihistamines as a part of the treatment for some disease. These medications might dry your mouth and this could cause bad breath in a person.

Some of the medicines used for high BP and diuretics might cause bad breath. Another source for bad breath is smoking. Foods like onion and garlic might cause bad breath. A sluggish liver and poor digestion might also cause bad breath.

These are some of the causes of bad breath that you can easily find out. Apart from these there are other deeper causes of bad breath.

You have to check out with your dentist to find the exact reasons for bad breath. Brush after every meals and scrap your tongue to remove bacteria and use an antiseptic mouthwash.



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