Know the various facts and myths about bad breath

It is to be understood that about sixty five per cent of the Americans have bad breath. Is it surprise news to you? Yes. This is true. Many times, the Americans like any other people of other country are suffering from bad breath.

When you analyze the reasons for the bad breath, you come to understand that there are plenty of factors associated with this type of problem. First, any disease anywhere in the oral regions may lead to the halitosis, which is called the bad breath. For example, if you are having gingivitis, then the nearby person may feel little different when you are talking with him. The reason for this is the existence of bad breath.

In some countries, it is thought that if a person is having bad luck, he will always be having a bad breath. This is not true. There is no correlation between the fortune and the bad breath.

Likewise, many myths exist on the encountering of bad breath from a person, in various countries. Some may be very funny to review. If the mouth is dry due to various reasons, the persons may have the bad breath.

The administration of specific drugs like anti-Parkinson drugs, narcotics, antihistamines, antidepressants, decongestants, narcotic drugs etc. may also lead to the bad breath. Hence, the fact associated with the occurrence of this needs to be analyzed and understood well.

The knowledge of the occurrence helps you to find an easy solution for the bad breath. One myth that is common is that the mouthwash helps to eliminate the bad odor from the mouth. This is not so. Most of the times, the bad breath is from areas beyond the posterior region of the tongue. Hence, by the application of mouthwash in the mouth region, one cannot expect the complete cure from the bad breath related problems. Many persons may have the myth that their breath is not at all bad. This is not true.

You need to just put a cotton ball in the middle of tongue and take a whiff. You just smell the cotton now. You may also check your bad breath by cupping your hands and blowing air on this and then smelling that subsequently.

The fact you need to know is that the bad breath has multiple reasons. You cannot imagine yourself that you do not have problem in your mouth and hence, there could not be any chance for any kind of bad breath with you. This could be wrong.

Many internal problems in your body may ultimately lead to the development of the bad breath. Many feel that the bad odor is only from the stomach. This is not true. Though stomach problems may cause some kinds of bad breath, this is not true in all cases. Many a times, the regions immediately beyond the tongue region is the cause for the emanating of sulfur compound-odor that gives a different kind of breath odor that are objectionable and disliked by many persons.

It is also equally true that the stomach-based problems are less than the dentine tissues based problems in the causing of bad breath. So, to remove this myth, one needs to understand the facts about disease diagnosis in teeth structures.

The dentist may be of help in this regard. The radiographic examination, percussion methods and thorough examination by powerful light resources are some of the techniques that are commonly used by many dentists in the diagnosis of teeth diseases.

When adapting the suitable measures, the problems of bad breath are rectified accordingly. Physiological etiological agents need to be ruled out in any cases. Simple reasons or routine causes that are avoidable could cause a bad breath in a person.

The facts with regard to this are to be identified in an intellectual manner. Such kinds of activities may be of highly helpful in the solving of this kind of objectionable problem in many persons. So, the physiological causes are always paid equal significance.

For example, if a person stops eating onion or garlic in raw condition bad breath may not be felt from the concerned person. But even despite the corrective measures, bad breath still comes from a person's mouth, certain times. These cases need to be approached in a different clinical angle. The person may be having some sort of esophageal problems like esophagitis or severe pharyngitis.

Many times, the person may be having severe gastritis or gastric ulcers. Many disease conditions also cause bad type of breath. Olfactory reference syndrome, acute liver failure and diabetes many times cause this problem.

Even renal failure leads to this problem. About forty million Americans are having bad breath that generally takes long time to get treated.



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