Chase Your Bad Breath Away with these 5 Easy Ways

To check if you have bad breath you can cup your hand over your mouth and nose and exhale.

You might have seen this being done by many persons. It is no wonder that you might have seen different reactions to this act. If you had looked around others would also have been checking their breath to ensure that there is no bad breath.

You need not bother much about your breath if you know the 5 things that will keep bad breath away from you. it gives the confidence that you are not going to offend others.

Growth of bacteria in the mouth is the main reason for the bad breath. If you know the actions that will help you eliminate this then you can reduce the possibility of bad breath.

Practicing good oral hygiene is the first thing that you should follow. After every meal you should brush your teeth. Use a good tooth paste to do so. This action will remove the bad odor causing bacteria from your mouth.

If you brush after a meal the food particles that are stuck in-between the teeth gets removed and thus you can avoid bacteria to act upon those food particles.

Most of us brush quickly. It is necessary that you take at least 2 minutes to brush your teeth. Regular flossing can be done. Without flossing you would have done only 80 percent of the job.

Scraping the tongue is the second way to avoid bad breath. Your tongue is the best place for the bacteria to breed. The back of the tongue is the best place for it. Scraping your tongue when you brush removes the bacterial from your tongue.

You can use a spoon held upside down for scraping the tongue. Since bacteria can live without oxygen, it can be found on the back of the tongue under the mucus. Scraping the mucus exposes it to oxygen and they die.

Dry mouth is the other cause of bad breath. So, drinking plenty of water helps in removing bad breath. Some of the medications that are taken also cause bad breath.

For example antihistamines and decongestants can cause dry mouth. Apart from this smoking and drinking alcohol also causes dry mouth and bad breath. Avoid alcohol based mouth washes and use chlorine dioxide based mouth washes. Alcohol based mouth wash can create dry mouth.

The fourth method is to look for any gum disease. If you teeth is more sensitive to cold or hot drinks then it could be an indication of gum disease. A gum disease could cause bad breath.

The final method that is proven is to get an appointment with you dentist and check your oral hygiene thoroughly at least once in a year.



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