Causes of Bad Breath – Know them, Understand them and Treat them

Offended by bad breath is not rare. Some time or the other you might have come across a person who could be your best friend who has bad breath.

You might yourself have bad breath and you may not know that you have it. If you look at the person who has bad breath you can find out that their teeth are white and look good but how the bad breath does come.

You should know the causes of bad breath so that you can remove it easily. Bad breath is usually caused by the bacteria that grow in the mouth particularly that grows at the back of the mouth.

The back of the mouth where the throat and the nasal canal meets is the right place for the mucus and it helps the bacteria to grow there.

You have to remove these bacteria that are present at the back of the mouth. One of the easiest ways to remove those bacteria is to reverse a spoon and scrape away the mucus.

Apart from these places bacteria will also grow in between the teeth and the gums. To remove bacteria from this place you have to brush and floss.

You can also use mouthwashes or rinse your mouth with baking soda. Gastrointestinal problems might also cause bad breath apart from the regular bacteria in the mouth.

If you have bad breath chances are that you might not know that unless someone near you tells it to you. You are accustomed to your own smell and you may not know that. However there are other methods to determine whether you have bad breath in you.

You can use your nose to smell the bad breath. Just breathe in your hands through your mouth and then smell that hand you might find out whether you smell bad. The bad odor might be strong at the start and will diminish later. The way you use your nose to test bad breath is called the organoleptic test.

Bacteria that act upon the food particles in your mouth release sulfur that causes the bad breath in a person. There are tests like chromatography to test where sulfides are present in a person’s mouth.

Devices like halimeter can also be used to determine the presence of sulfide in a mouth. You can compare this device to that of a breathalyzer which determines the amount of alcohol in a person’s mouth. These devices help to determine how bad your breath is.

A BANA test is used to find out the bacteria that causes the periodontal diseases. Waste products are produced by the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

To find out whether these products are there the saliva of the person to be tested is placed in a solution. Color changes indicating the presence of certain waste products that are produced by the bacteria.

To quantify bad breath chemi-luminescence is used. In this test the breath being tested lights up if sulfide is present indicating the amount of bad breath in a person’s breath.



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