Get Your Bad Breath Causes Eliminated or Get Singled out in Society

Causes of bad breath are many and the most common causes are poor dental hygiene, disease of the gums, smoking, foods that causes bad breath, and certain medications.

Dieting and fasting are also some of the other reasons that cause bad breath in a person.

During dieting and fasting the body breaks down the fat. This releases ketones. This chemical that is exhaled causes bad breath.

Medical reasons that contribute to bad breath are problems in the respiratory tract, polyp in the nose, and some foreign body in the nose (this is found in children). These problems create bad smell and you can realise it when you breathe.

Infections of the lungs and tonsils could also create bad breath. Apart from the medical conditions that have been discussed above there are other medical conditions that might cause bad breath. You have to watch out for the symptoms of other medical conditions for bad breath.

If you don’t find any such medical conditions but still have bad breath, it could be due to bad oral hygiene. This indicates that the smell is caused due to the bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria in the mouth break down the food particles and releases gases that cause unpleasant smell.

If bacteria are the reason for bad breath then it could be due to plaque, gum disease, and calculus. Calculus also called tartar is a plaque that is hardened. It sticks to the teeth firmly and causes the gum disease.

This causes inflammation of the tissues surrounding the teeth and causes the infection. To find out if you have gum disease you have to watch out whether you bleed when you brush your teeth.

Bleeding during brushing indicates that you have a gum disease. The severity might be from mild to severe.

At the back of the tongue you might notice some sticky coating which experts are unclear of. This coating contains bacteria. Good oral hygiene is the best route to clear off bad breath.

Brushing and flossing on a regular basis also helps. Use a soft brush and brush your teeth at least twice a day. The brush head should be in such a way that it reaches all the areas of the teeth.

Spend at least two minutes to brush your teeth inside out. Use a new tooth brush at least once in three months. Some people prefer to use electric tooth brush instead of the conventional ones. It does the job better and hence it is more popular.



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